The Challenge
The task for this project was to take control of a self-imitated piece of graphic design that either informs, educates, or solves a problem. A brief had to be written, deciding exactly what is intended to communicate, who the audience is and what it seeks to achieve. The plan was to create an automotive videography / photography agency who specialise in dynamic visuals for modified and high-end car owners, producing a full brand identity design and promotional materials.
The Brand
TopEnd Visuals are a creative visual production team based in Chelmsford, Essex. Specialising in motion and motionless production for the higher-end world of cars, we strive to produce top of the range visual content for automotive owners, businesses and individuals within the UK.
The target audience is automotive owners, businesses and individuals within the UK, in need of automotive photography or video production. Whether that be an individual, small firm, or large organisation. TopEnd Visuals have the market advantage when it comes to automotive visuals as they work exclusively in the car industry.
Business cards will be handed out at events and given to potential clients as a point of contact for the agency. They are extremely handy for the team, who travel around the UK for different clients.
These promotional materials for TopEnd Visuals will be used for client relations and business marketing. The letterheads designed are for producing invoices and admin related duties. Compliments slips will be a form of thanks to clients upon finishing projects.
TopEnd Visuals have a minimalistic, clean and professional branding style, which governs the general look-and- feel the agency. The brand guidelines are designed to ensure that this level of simplicity and professionalism is never compromised.
The services booklet is designed to be utilised at events and meetings as a marketing stunt to get potential clients engaged with TopEnd Visuals, and to market their services. It’s aim is to represent the business through design and communicate their working style, values and capabilities to the audience.
A strong digital presence is required for videography agencies, as it serves as a portfolio of work and marketing essential.  The website landing page is intended to inspire and engage the target audience, by displaying a selection of the agencies work and communicating a sense of the brand.
Today, social platforms are one of the most effective marketing tools for gaining recognition within an industry. The TopEnd Visuals social media presence is an essential element of the brand. Along with the website, their social page represents the brands digital existence.  A series of video-posts have been produced to more effectively represent the brand.

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