The Challenge
Duolingo is the world’s #1 language learning app – used by hundreds of millions of learners globally.  Their mission is to develop the best education platform in the world and make it universally accessible to everyone for free, from Syrian refugees to Bill Gates and everyone in between. 
The challenge is to produce an integrated campaign launching at the start of the school year to open young adults’ eyes to the world of languages and inspire them to weave language learning into their daily routine.  Duolingo believes it’s important to open the minds of 16-22 year olds to language learning as it can set and change their future in ways most can’t imagine.
Many people refer to using the loo as their “me time”, where the majority choose to use their phone or mobile devices.  Whether that be to scroll through social media or to text and send emails, everyone has their alone time to do they please.  But how can we make that time more productive? How can young adults squeeze the most out of their “me time”?
Give a sh*t about language is all about encouraging young adults aged 16-22 to use Duolingo whilst on the loo and make the most out of their time.  The campaign uses posters, social media and other promotional materials to engage the audience with Duolingo.
A large majority of 16-22 year olds will use public transport in some way, whether that be everyday or on occasion.  Posters will be displayed in public and disabled toilets throughout trains and shopping centres and in schools, colleges, universities. As well as, at bus stops as this is a largely used mode of transport
As well as the poster designs, the campaign will be rolled out across social platforms through a series of posts and stories, which can be developed over time. This is going to be one of the most impactful ways of communicating with the audience as they spend an average of 3 hours and 27 minutes a day on social media, and 83% are getting their daily news from these platforms. 
As part of the campaign, Duolingo will team up with toilet tissue brand Cushelle to work together on the challenge.  The plan is to print the displayed advertising on their Original product range, which will be rolled out at the start of the new school year.  The aim is for young adults, and parents of those that live at home, who buy Cushelle to download the app and spread the word.
This door hanger design is to be placed on the handles of toilet doors and cubicles as a way of making the audience act there and then, during their “me time”. They can also be used as a marketing stunt for events, talks and so on, which could be handed out to the attendees. The aim is for people to engage with the campaign, download Duolingo and hopefully pass on or spread the word to someone else.

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